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SXS Mud Prevention Accessories

The best accessories to keep you and your cab dry!
SXS Mud Prevention Accessories

Unless you just love to get down and dirty, chances are that you probably want to keep as much water out of the cab and off of you as possible. Not only does being soaked make it very uncomfortable for you and your passengers, but small projectiles could potentially hurt you or your SXS. If you do like to get dirty, there are several accessories you can purchase that will make it easy to protect your SXS. Any mud prevention accessory- mud flaps, fenders, etc.- will make it much easier for you to clean up on the go and at home! These machines are not typically existent to be extremely clean, but there are some things you may want to consider if you want to upgrade your machine later on. Installing fenders on the machine will make it harder for your side panels to get scratched keeping the SXS looking fresh longer. If you tend to ride with your doors off or with door nets, fender flares might be a fantastic option to keep some of that mud and debris from coming straight into the cabin. BRP makes a couple different fender options for those that want to install them onto their machine. Whether it’s the Maverick, Defender, Commander, BRP makes something that will fit all machines to make sure you can ride the way you intend to!

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