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Are windshields that important on your UTV?

Windshields: Essential or not?
Are windshields that important on your UTV?

Windshields on an UTV can be very helpful, but are they essential to have? There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to windshields. 1. What weather conditions are you riding in? If you tend to ride in a rainy, cold environment a windshield could be critical to your machine. Keeping the cold and rain off of you during your ride will make it much more enjoyable than being soaked. If you are riding in warmer weather than a half-windshield or no windshield at all could be perfect for you. Having the wind come through the cab will make it a much cooler experience in warmer weather. If you enjoy riding in both warm and cold weather there is a perfect option for you as well. There are windshields that can be converted to a full or a half very easily. This makes it easy to change between warm and cold weather. 2. Where you are riding? Are you going to be riding in places that have a lot of debris or dust that could potentially get onto you or in the cab? A windshield might be better for you so that you can keep the debris out of the cab. The best of both worlds is the windshield that can be converted from full to half so that no matter the situation you have the ability to be prepared.

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