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New KTM Factory Edition Gadgets! (KTM CUO)

New KTM Factory Edition Gadgets! (KTM CUO)

As technology advances, Bluetooth and WIFI enabled devices to customize the feel of your motorcycle are getting more popular. Yamaha started this trend several years back. The YZ's come with a WIFI module straight from the factory that allows for custom settings. Kawasaki has done something similar for years with couplers and an FI calibration tool that users could purchase. Suzuki has a "MX-Tuner" device that plugs into the bike and then uses a smartphone app to change settings like fuel and ignition parameters. However unlikely, KTM was the last to show up with this tech. The 2021 Factory Editions came with the "Connectivity Unit", which was a small box that would sit in a bar pad and plug directly into the motorcycle. This allowed a Bluetooth connection to a KTM app that allowed the user to adjust mapping based on terrain type, as well as suggesting suspension clicker settings. The experience was simple, but easier to use and understand than some of the other brands. This device was short-lived, as as supply chain issues and rumors of a manufacturing center fire hampered availability of this unit.

The 2024 Factory Edition SX-F's were announced last month and are coming in with some notable changes including frame, suspension and engine mount tweeks. However, the most interesting update is the new Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO). This is a brand new unit that mounts on the upper part of the right fork leg and offers many of the same features as the original. However, this unit also pairs with a front-fender mounted GPS unit with a partnership with LitPro, which will give riders access to wide range of metrics including mapping, lines, speed, g-forces and much more. It's seems that all of this data will be available in the KTM Connect App!

Speed at a specific Point
Top Speed & Average Speed
Acceleration Points & Deceleration Poins
Lap 99 (theoretical fastest lap) Analysis
Gear Position
Engine RPM
Throttle Position
Water Temperature in Celsius
Traction Control
Map Selection Mode
Heart Rate
Jump Distance

I'll update y'all on this one more when I have one on hand!

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