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Which machine is best for me?

What is a Side-By-Side/UTV?
       A side-by-side (SXS) or utility task vehicle (UTV) is a four to six wheeled off-road machine with a steering wheel, similar to one you see in a car or truck. There are so many features and accessories that can be packed into these machines- harnesses, windshields, stereos, aftermarket wheels, doors, seats, and more! The off-road capabilities of these machines make them a popular choice for both recreational and work vehicles. With a variety of models and capabilities to pick from, it’s possible to find a SXS that will go wherever you take it.

Should I buy a SXS or UTV?

       When you are looking into buying one of these machines, you need to know what they are capable of. When it comes to the side-by-side to UTV comparison they do have some similarities, but there are also many differences. The UTV is a much more practical, reliable work machine. Some of them come with a hydraulic bed, amazing towing and hauling capabilities; they also are versatile vehicles making it easy to navigate large areas of rough terrain. The SXS is more for your recreational ride. They are built for roll-over protection, trail-riding, mudding, or hunting. They are designed to be quick so there is more power, better suspension, and overall better handling than that of the UTV.

We aren’t going into detail in this post about the different models and accessories that can be purchased for the various models-that will be for a later post. We want to give you the basics to get your toe wet in the world of side-by-sides and off-road vehicles. Whether you decide to choose to go with the UTV or the SXS they are both going to be very capable machines that anyone can go out and enjoy!

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