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West Craven MX - North Carolina's best kept secret?!

West Craven MX - North Carolina's best kept secret?!

Every winter powersports families from the Northeast US spend any weekend we can flocking to the warmer weather to get our riding fixes. The usual locations include tracks in NC, SC, GA and FL. I had been eyeballing a track I'd discovered on Facebook, West Craven MX, for almost 2 years. The photo online was picturesque moto sand track fun.  

It was a longer drive then I wanted, at almost 8 hours to the NC coast from our home in the heart of Appalachia. We took a couple extra days off work and headed south with the toy hauler, motorcycles, bicycles and a 4 year old in a car seat! 

It rained the entire trip and was raining when we arrived. I assumed the track would be close that day, but not the case! I never realize how well sand tracks can handle water and in some cases it even improves them. We quickly found a parking spot rode all day for 3 days straight. There are about 20 hookups for electric and water available which negated our need to run a generator and made the experiencing that more relaxing. 

West Craven has a full size natural-terrain style MX track, a smaller tighter "supercross" style MX track, a 3 mile trail loop, and a kids track / trail system. The parking is centrally located between the kids and adult MX tracks, which we spent the entire weekend running back and forth to and from. 

The scene at West Craven is incredibly relaxed. All the staff we encountered were accommodating and helpful, and I'd recommend this facility to any family looking to vacation in NC or just escape the winter woes for a few days. I've attached some links below to show the tracks. 

Keep the rubber side down!

-Ryan M

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