Elka Elite Racing Front Suspension KTM ATV

Elka Elite Racing Front Suspension KTM ATV

Elka Elite Racing Front Suspension KTM ATV


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Elka Elite Racing Front Suspension KTM ATV

There are racers who refuse to make any compromises. They demand the highest performance and the most adjustability to suit their aggressive and fast style of riding. For those, our Elite Racing ATV Series shock absorbers feature independent adjustability of the high- and low-speed compression. You can adjust your suspension to react differently to big hits, sharp edges and jumps as well as for cornering and accelerating. Racing conditions can vary dramatically from one track to another, and sometimes even within the same track. Riders can now adjust their suspension to react with optimal efficiency over an entire track without compromise. These performance-oriented products are more suitable for riders who are familiar with suspension adjustment. The Elite Racing ATV Series is the obvious choice for riders seriously committed to the cutting edge.

HIGH- AND LOW-SPEED COMPRESSION Fine-tune the compression circuits to react differently according to the velocity of the impact, such as for cornering or when landing big jumps.

ADJUSTABLE REBOUND The rebound adjustment will allow the speed of the shock to adjust when returning to its initial state after being compressed from an impact to keep the wheels on the ground.

THREADED PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT A threaded preload adjustment provides very precise fine-tuning of the preload and ride height in infinite increments. A special tool is provided.

HIGH-QUALITY TRIPLESEAL HEAD Developed to withstand the abuse of intense riding and racing, our highquality triple-seal heads reduce friction and provide maximum durability.

FLOATING PISTON EXTERNAL RESERVOIR The external reservoir allows a greater oil flow and better cooling. It features a floating piston to separate the oil from the nitrogen efficiently.

- Custom spring rate
- Customized internal hydraulic valving
- Made from CNC-machined billet aluminum
- Individually dynamometer-tested
- Triple-seal head
- Hard anodized piston
- Spherical bearings at both ends
- Blow-off valve to prevent internal damage
- Induction-hardened 5/8" shaft
- High-quality seals, wearband and o-rings
- Microcellular bottom-out bumper
- Piggyback reservoir with floating piston

- Preload adjustment (threaded)
- Rebound adjustment
- Compression adjustment (does not affect rebound)
- Checkball to isolate compression from rebound
- Elite Compression (high- and low-speed)
- TRACK System® (Factory Shock only)


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