Rekluse Radius X Automatic Clutch KTM/HQV 390/401

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Rekluse Radius X Automatic Clutch KTM/HQV 390/401

Rekluse Radius X Automatic Clutch KTM/HQV 390/401

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Rekluse Radius X Automatic Clutch Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen/Svartpilen

Husqvarna Motorcycles are offering all VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 owners the chance to take the performance of their Husqvarna machines to a new level with the addition of Rekluse’s Radius X automatic clutch kit. Featuring the latest technology, this system will seriously enhance the feeling and overall performance of your motorcycle.

Designed and manufactured by industry specialists Rekluse in order to comply with Husqvarna Motorcycles’ highest standards of quality, the Rekluse Radius X Centrifugal Force clutch kit combines a TorqDrive® clutch pack with Rekluse’s innovative EXP automatic clutch disk. Following a quick and uncomplicated installation process, the kit offers smoother clutch engagement while improving traction in all conditions.

Installing the kit eliminates the chances for engine stalling when starting and when braking hard, or simply when the bike is brought to a standstill with the engine still running. Offering an even more accessible and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels, the automatic clutch allows for easy starting and stopping without the need to use the clutch lever.

Providing a more relaxed and controlled riding experience, the Rekluse’s Radius X automatic clutch kit allows Husqvarna owners to ride their VITPILEN 401 or SVARTPILEN 401 machines for longer periods of time covering greater distances. Able to focus more on line selection, users get even closer to the pure riding experience Husqvarna Motorcycles’ sophisticated single-cylinder machines offer.

  • EXP (auto clutch) and TorqDrive (clutch pack)
  • Dead-on clutch engagement every time
  • Take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever - no more stalls
  • Experience maximum power delivery
  • Confidently navigate traffic and slow speed conditions
  • TorqDrive clutch pack delivers higher torque capacity and increased power transfer
  • Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching
  • Standard clutch lever function with full override

Husqvarna Vitpilen/Svartpilen 401
KTM 390 Duke
KTM 390 Adventure

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