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Dirt Bike & Motocross Chest Protectors

At AOMC we carry a huge selection of dirt bike & motocross chest protectors as well as full body armor sets. We pride ourselves in offering gear that you'll want. So be sure to use our filtering options below to find the chest protector that suits you and get equipped!

When you take your dirt bike or ATV onto a trail or race course protection is a top priority. You have to protect yourself against impacts, debris, and other offroad hazards. Dirt bike and ATV chest protectors also known as “roost guards” or “roost deflectors” are key components to staying protected. The chest protector allows you to have protection from more than just stone and debris getting “roosted” at you. They also help if you are on the trail avoiding limbs and other debris or if you are avoiding a competitor at a race. Some are also even CE rated for impact protection in a crash which can be beneficial as well. So that is why at AOMC we carry everything from dirt bike chest protectors to armored jerseys so be sure to gear up and ride safe!