Skyrich Lithium Ion Battery HJTZ5S-FP-C


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Skyrich Lithium Ion Battery HJTZ5S-FP-C

Skyrich Lithium Ion Battery HJTZ5S-FP-C

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Normally: $161.02

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Skyrich Lithium Ion Battery HJTZ5S-FP-C 12V/24Wh

The following benefits are the mark of our lithium-ion batteries:
  • Increased Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) value for better engine start in cold temperatures
  • 1 kg lighter than lead-acid battery 77311053000
  • 1.6 kg lighter than lead-acid battery 58511053000
  • Unbeatable cost/weight saving ratio
  • Mountable in any position, as it does not contain acid
  • Safe technology and long life

Technical data:
  • 12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity 2.0 Ah
  • Recommended charging current - 2.5 amps
  • Maximum charge current for fast charging - 10 amps
  • Fast charge with high charging current (up to 90% in 10 min)
  • Very low self-discharge (max. 5% per month)
  • Balanced discharge/charge of all cells through balancer
  • Contains no heavy metals

When mounting on 125 SX and SX-F models from 2016 onwards, the battery compartment 79011955044 is also required.

KTM OEM Replacement Battery on all 2019 KTM 150/250/300/350/450/500 electric start models.
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  | 1.0 5 Spokane, WA
Dec 13, 2020

Stock Husky battery worthless, company the same

Bought a 2020 TE300i at the end of ‘19, spent a handful of hours on it before the snow flew. Then it sat in my shop until spring 2020. Went to start and nothing. Bought a Ctek lithium battery charger, great chargers, have them for my vehicles. This battery wouldn’t recondition nor take any charge. Totally dead. I reached out to Skyrich about 5-6 times all unanswered. My dealership sent me a WPS Firepower replacement and that battery has been great. Zero issues. Maybe I had a bad battery.. maybe. For sure the company should have reached out and responded. It carries a one year warranty. I reached out at 6 months and did so a bunch. Zero reply.
No, I would not recommend this product
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