Welcome to AOMC's Crewfire Brand Ambassador program! Before you get started, you may be wondering, what is expected of me in this new role and what is a brand ambassador anyway?

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand, product, event or service. In this case, quite similar to a sponsored rider, you are an outside representative of AOMC. You will be selected as an AOMC brand ambassador because we believe your brand values align with those of our brand, and through a longer term relationship, we are able to grow our brands together.

As an AOMC Crewfire Brand Ambassador, you'll be introducing the AOMC brand to your own social media audience. Your positive influence as a respected member of the motorcycling community is then leveraged to bring more consumers to the AOMC.mx online store.

Of course, as an official representative of the AOMC brand, we do expect a level of etiquette and professionalism that you are already well known for, both online and while attending events. You are to always portray the AOMC brand in a positive manner. Any incident we feel misrepresents our brand could result in losing your status as our brand ambassador and having all earned rewards points deleted.

What do you get for all this representation and good behavior? Now for the fun part! You'll be earning points through your participation in this program. We've put together an impressive Rewards Store where you can cash in your points for a variety of items from hats & t-shirts to AOMC BraapCoin all the way up to top-of-the-line Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots and Garmin Virb Action Cameras.

Gimme those points! You can earn points by sharing our Campaigns from the Campaigns tab of Crewfire. You can select from a variety of campaigns for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to match your followers interests. You earn 100 points for each campaign share and get more points when your followers like, comment and share your post.

Be the competitor you are! We know you're a winner, that's why we picked you to represent us! Work your way up the Rankings and earn extra prestige as our #1 brand ambassador.

We'll continue posting new campaigns while developing new ways for you to create your own content as a brand ambassador. We are always open to new ideas! If you have ideas on how to expand and improve our program, please post them in this Community or email us at crewfire@ktm-parts.com

Join the team! Ready to get started? Fill out our AOMC Crewfire Brand Ambassador Application to become part of our team!